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File: Titan Quests10-27-10
Zip version?
Posted By: Zordral
Any chance of seeing a zip version? Thanks. -Z
File: Mage Nuggets10-16-10
Re: Re: DoT counter?
Posted By: Zordral
Originally posted by b-buck Its not a problem as you put it, it just how it works. Like you mentioned, the pyroblast! dot does not get spread with Impact nor does it get combined with combustion so it does not count towards the dot counter therefore it does not count it. There is nothing to fix on my end. Right. So as a DoT co...
File: Mage Nuggets10-16-10
DoT counter?
Posted By: Zordral
Nice job getting this working for 4.0.1. It's been a great help. Quick question. The notes say - "Also has a dot counter that will display the number of dots your current target has that will be combined with Combustion and spread with Impact." Where can I find the DoT counter? I know I must be missing something obvious....
File: Altoholic08-22-09
Resetting the char DBs?
Posted By: Zordral
What is the correct way to reset all of the char and g-bank data base entries? Thanks. -Z
File: CounterSpellSteal06-10-09
Very nice. Simple yet very useful....
Posted By: Zordral
Very nice. Simple yet very useful. My favorite kind of addon. Hmm, looks like it could be made to work for Silence/Dispel Magic without too much work. Do you have any interest in seeing the code if I make it work for Shadow Priests as well? -Z
File: EnhancedCharStats06-10-09
I like the concept and the presenta...
Posted By: Zordral
I like the concept and the presentation very much. However it appears the underlying StatLogic library is out of date. For example, the Rogue talent Lightning Reflexes (Dodge) is now 3 ranks (2%/4%/6%) and includes 10% melee haste. Any chance of getting a more recent version of the StatLogic library? Or is this something you a...
File: DebuffEnough05-06-09
I believe as of patch 3.1 Imp Scorc...
Posted By: Zordral
I believe as of patch 3.1 Imp Scorch and Winter's Chill max out at +5% crit hit chance, reduced from 10%.
File: ReappearingUnitFrames03-20-07
Warlock 'pet' bar?
Posted By: Zordral
Great mod. It solved the disappearing Party frame issue for me. Thank you. I did notice though that my Warlock's pet bar still goes away at times. I did not know if this was a known issue or not but I thought I would mention it. If you need more information to chase down the Warlock issue please let me know. Thanks again fo...