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File: oUF_Neav02-11-09
oUF_Swing support
Posted By: wowowee
Love the layout, other than its simplicity my favorite aspect of it is the cast bars. Currently I am using AzCastBar to display my autoshot castbar but I am unable to replicate the look of your cast bar. Would it be too much to ask for you to add support for oUF_Swing in a way that doesn't make it look out of place?
File: oUF_Circle09-03-08
Re: Re: can't load layout
Posted By: wowowee
Originally posted by Metzerott Which version are you using? Oh... Version 1.2 is designed to work with the most recent (`master` version) of oUF, found here: http://ixo.no/git/oUF.git/) okay, i'll do that thanks
File: oUF_Circle09-02-08
can't load layout
Posted By: wowowee
For some reason I am unable to load your layout but I am able to load ouf_lyn. Am I doing something wrong? Here's the error message I get: : oUF-1.0.4\ouf.lua:200: attempt to index a nil value oUF_Circle\oUF_Circle.lua:538: in main chunk ---
File: oUF_Lyn08-13-08
I like this layout a lot
Posted By: wowowee
Thanks for the layout, though I was wondering if it would be possible to display pet debuffs? I also got the error about banzai: : oUF_Lyn-0.3\layout.lua:235: Attempt to find 'this' in non-table object (used '.' instead of ':' ?) oUF_Lyn-0.3\layout.lua:235: in function `Banzai' oUF_Banzai-1.0\oUF_Banzai.lua:55: in function `v...
File: Analyst08-05-08
error message
Posted By: wowowee
getting this error message when i type /analyst: : AceConsole-2.0-78792 (Ace2):1400: Tablet-2.0: You cannot check tablet with an unregistered parent frame. Ace2\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:122: in function `error' Tablet-2.0-78683 (TabletLib):2874: in function (tail call...
File: Hpanel07-12-08
Posted By: wowowee
I am having a problem with the plugin, it seems to mess something up with my viewable area, here's a pic: http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/9534/bugfa5.jpg The pic is with only Chicchai and Hpanel enabled, all other addons disabled. When Hpanel is disabled the problem is gone.
File: Examiner09-29-07
New Arena Equation
Posted By: wowowee
I compared the estimated arena points from examiner with the new point calculator from the armory and they didn't match. Not a too big a deal as everything else works fine with the new patch, just wanted to give you heads up and thanks for the awesome work.
File: LootTracker06-20-07
lol, my bad. I'll read better next...
Posted By: wowowee
lol, my bad. I'll read better next time.
File: LootTracker06-20-07
Trouble with the tracker
Posted By: wowowee
Trying this addon out, setting up sets and items was easy enough, however, trying to get the LootTracker to display the items/sets wasn't working. Tried a bunch of stuff from hiding, showing, locking, and unlocking. Reset the config didn't work, and when i tried to resetCache i got an error. Maybe it's related my inablility to dis...