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File: GrindStatus - Track those factions!07-05-07
Error message (r40170)
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When I toggle to 'Netherwing' : Error: attempt to index local 'value' (a boolean value) AddOn: GrindStatus Message: GrindStatus.lua : 479 : 2 -------- Error: attempt to index local 'value' (a boolean value) AddOn: GrindStatus Document: GrindStatus.lua : 640 : 1 It can show rewards, but can't show reputation value.
File: OptionHouse07-05-07
How to adjust font size?
Posted By: norova
I use this mod on Traditional Chinese version, but font size is too small. How to adjust font size? (Performance page) Thank you.
File: Manufac - A New Look at the Tradeskill UI07-04-07
Help~! >"<
Posted By: norova
I always got this error : (when I click MiniMapIcon) Error: Dewdrop-2.0: Bad argument #2 to `Open' (table or string expected, got nil) Document: Interface\AddOns\Manufac\Manufac.lua : 771 : 3 Already install lastest Dewdrop-2.0... Orz
File: XBar05-28-07
Posted By: norova
Great work! I already translate to Traditional Chinese, but have some questions: * When I type '/xbar' Error: attempt to concatenate global 'ver' (a nil value) Document: Interface\AddOns\XBar\XBar.lua:69:3 * TrackBar: When I change tracker, the icon can't change together. (using / unused) * Can't hide Bar normal. For...
File: GatherSage05-24-07
Re: 2.1 version
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Originally posted by Lewzephyr http://tinyurl.com/29vx3v It works! (zhTW) Thank you! <(_ _)>
File: Manufac Snoop05-04-07
some error
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when I open the menu (fubar,zhTW): Error: PeriodicTable-3.0: Invalid set: Tradeskill.Crafted.Mining AddOn: ManufacSnoop Document: ManufacSnoop.lua : 154 : 1 -------------------------------------------------- Error: PeriodicTable-3.0: Invalid set: Tradeskill.Crafted.Poisons AddOn: ManufacSnoop Document: ManufacSnoop.lua...
File: SilverDragon04-13-07
I got an error..
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attempt to compare number with nil Interface\AddOns\SilverDragon\Core.lua 119 1
File: TradeSkillInfo03-23-07
Re: Re: bank bug.
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I want to translate into triditional chinese version, but...I don't know where to find out .enUS file ??
File: WoW UI Designer03-22-07
Posted By: norova
I hope you can add "zhTW" in .toc for lauguage options... Thank you!!