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File: Advanced Trade Skill Window06-22-07
Re: Freezing
Posted By: Ezekiel127
Yeah, I'm having issues too since the latest patch. The mod doesn't seem to be able to update the quantities of resources or components anymore, it simply goes by what you had in your inventory when you logged in.
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hehe - no worries it's not a game r...
Posted By: Ezekiel127
hehe - no worries it's not a game ruining thing :) Keep up the excellent work :D
File: ZMobDB Advanced605-21-07
Sorry wrote the last post in a hurr...
Posted By: Ezekiel127
Sorry wrote the last post in a hurry. Just to clarify - when a treant is in the group all models rest to defaults. Party, player, target, pet etc. They can be manipulated but the setting don't seem to save properly so when they're reselected or refreshed they simply go back to defaults. As soon as the treant shifts back to normal for...
File: ZMobDB Advanced605-20-07
Again I just have to say superb wor...
Posted By: Ezekiel127
Again I just have to say superb work so far. The template feature has made life a lot easier. Have noticed one bug however. When in a group with a resto druid in treant form, the models seem to default to their original settings. As soon as the druid shifts back they act as normal. Just thought you'd like to know (=. Keep up the good...
File: ZMobDB Advanced604-06-07
Re: player model
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Thanks for the reply - this method works after I copy the data and login out/in.
File: ZMobDB Advanced604-05-07
Hi - first off just to say excellen...
Posted By: Ezekiel127
Hi - first off just to say excellent mod, just downloaded it and it works a treat....except for one thing. I can't seem to adjust the player model - either directly using the ctrl key, or indirectly using the method layed out in the readme. It does not save the changes made under self_(whichever race/gender), but simply under the def...