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File: MyInventory06-08-07
Posted By: Googles
How about you add support for the bank?
File: Soundtrack05-25-07
This sucks. The Playlist doesn't wo...
Posted By: Googles
This sucks. The Playlist doesn't work. Sometimes it bugs and all the music plays at the same time and theres no way to stop it but exiting the game. I can't even play a song unless I bind it to an event. Useless. What if I just want a song I can listen to anywhere at any time? Yea, have to set that up by going to zones and settin...
File: LootLink PremadeDatabase (for Saeris's LootLink)05-25-07
This doesn't work. I've got Saeris'...
Posted By: Googles
This doesn't work. I've got Saeris' Lootlink (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5608-SaerissLootLink.html), and this. When I try to type "/lootlink mergedb" nothing happens at all. The message isn't even sent to the chat. I'm pretty sure it's not another addon causing this because I can type perfectly fine in-game. Woul...