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File: Auctionator06-07-09
vendor price check
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Hey. Thanks for add-on. This is a very good work and I am enjoying it for like 10 months already. My question is: Is it possible to make some filter or, I don't know, a script, that would show all auctions with buyout price lower than their vendor price? It sounds stupid, but People continues to post those and it's like 10-50 gol...
File: FuBar - ToFu07-21-07
Originally posted by Nammalkin I'...
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Originally posted by Nammalkin I'm having problems with the Cartographer integration. For some reason, ToFu's call to GetPlayerMapPosition when talking to a flight master keeps getting bad coordinates, and ends up adding notes all over the map... Anybody else seen anything similar? Edit: I added a call to SetMapToCurrentZone() i...