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File: Getting Things Healed12-09-11
Basic Update
Posted By: Sunhead
Hey Dagma, any chance of a basic bug fix update for 4.3? :banana::banana:
File: Outfitter11-03-10
I get an inconsistency with oGlow a...
Posted By: Sunhead
I get an inconsistency with oGlow and the flyout's form the slots in Outfitter. They used to work well before the patch, but now things are often colored wrong. http://lh3.ggpht.com/_FdC-ovW7L6I/TNEODBoxqcI/AAAAAAAAAZE/JwRuN0av1dE/s912/Outfitter.oGlow.FW.png Frost Wolf Insignia is correct http://lh4.ggpht.com/_FdC-ovW7L6I/TNEODeh...
File: oGlow11-02-10
oGlow and Otufitter
Posted By: Sunhead
Some screwy things are happening with colouring in the flyouts in Outfitter. Any idea if this is an oGlow issues or an Outfitter one?
File: Possessions for 4.210-17-10
Thank-you Kewi for compiling the up...
Posted By: Sunhead
Thank-you Kewi for compiling the updates. :banana: Maybe you should add the other folks as contributors so the project is not reliant on any one person staying in the game?
File: Getting Things Healed10-16-10
Re: Re: Possible fix to ver 2.5.0
Posted By: Sunhead
:D Thank-you Dagma. Would to be easier to read the Role status to get the list of Tanks and Healers than to do Talent checking? Originally posted by Dagma Version 2.5.1 repairs loading/saving of presets, as far as I can tell. I've turned off talent scanning for now. Hopefully that didn't break anything else. At some po...
File: Auditor10-16-10
It seems to be working for me just...
Posted By: Sunhead
It seems to be working for me just fine. No errors so far. I did start from scratch with 4.0.1.
File: DigsBagRename10-13-10
Posted By: Sunhead
Is there any way you could integrate the functionality of MoveableBags into this mod?
File: Dominos03-26-10
Originally posted by onthepine I...
Posted By: Sunhead
Originally posted by onthepine I cannot understand the Totems. Is there a key binding or how can I get it to look like the Blizz UI default? As it stands I have 3 seperate totem bars and have to click each one if I want a different setup. I would suggest TotemTimers. I use it with Dominos and it works just fine. Yes, the _def...
File: PlayerScore / GearScore01-16-10
Second This.
Posted By: Sunhead
Originally posted by Mirrikat45 Finally, I have no problem with an addon that fakes a player's GearScore. That however, is not what GearScoreBreaker is designed to do. Its sole purpose is to harass players and completely corrupt their GearScore database beyond use. This is intentionally malicious behavior and is potentially again...
File: Dominos10-08-09
Allergic to noobs huh? careful. R...
Posted By: Sunhead
Allergic to noobs huh? careful. RTFM and check if you are mistaking Stance Bars (Paging) for regular bars. Is it bar 7,8,9,10 that is causing the problem? These are the ones use for Stances, Shadowform, Shapeshift, Stealth. Hope this Illuminates your problem. Originally posted by T3HPWnEr3R Why does this not work wi...
File: Auditor08-22-09
I love Auditor, I really do, but...
Posted By: Sunhead
I love Auditor, I really do, but its been driving me nuts with the old version of Dongle. Is there a reason you haven't upgraded to 1.2?
File: Broker: TalentSwitch - No longer supported08-10-09
Re: Re: Bad Behaviour
Posted By: Sunhead
Originally posted by Stabler Well I just installed Dominos and was able to switch specs without any errors or anything breaking. When you say it breaks pretty hard.. what does that mean? Are you getting LUA errors or Dominios isn't working as expected and your not getting any errors? Shaman switching between Resto and Ele. Th...
File: Broker: TalentSwitch - No longer supported08-08-09
Bad Behaviour
Posted By: Sunhead
After an hour of work last night I isolated this addon as the problem.:confused::( When I am using Dominos bar mod, if I change spec using this mod, the bar mod breaks pretty hard, the vanilla totem manager comes back and other bars disappear. This behavior does not happen if I use the _normal_ switch talents component in the vanil...
File: Cellular07-05-09
Re: Re: Awsome...
Posted By: Sunhead
Originally posted by totalpackage 1. If you're using a chat mod that enables arrow keys, then it would work with Cellular since Cellular simply relocates the default chat editbox. 2. If you have history enabled, there's a scroll button on the bottom left side that allows you to copy text. Ok then, While I might be made of f...
File: Cellular06-29-09
Posted By: Sunhead
2 feature requests to make this a perfect mod. 1. Cursor editing of the current chat line. ie left and right arrows. 2. The ability to cut to clipboard text lines, like URL's whispered. Both these things are features I use in ChatMOD if you are looking for code samples. If these features already exist, then I couldn't find th...
File: RaidFramesPlus05-23-09
Ok, With the scale set to 100% the...
Posted By: Sunhead
Ok, With the scale set to 100% the positioning is good. When I set it to 70%, or other small values, didnt try large ones, is starts to go screwy. Something with the way the scale is being applied maybe? Is it being applied to the origin/anchor of the frame or something like that? Cos when I change the scale it moves on the scre...
File: RaidFramesPlus05-20-09
Ok, I blame Blizzard, The MT and...
Posted By: Sunhead
Ok, I blame Blizzard, The MT and MA frames are fine now, but not last night. Maybe my client was being special. I know some other people were having strange experiences. As for the positioning thing, that is kinda what I figured... either I have an interaction hapening, or blizzard are causing it. Thanks heaps.
File: RaidFramesPlus05-20-09
Thanks for that fix for scale.:bana...
Posted By: Sunhead
Thanks for that fix for scale.:banana::banana::banana: Though is does not seem to apply when I pull them out, only if I go and adjust the scale in the mod controls when I have them pulled out. It also does not seem to apply to the MT and MA frames? Is that expected behaviour. There seems to be an issue with the x,y co-ordinates...
File: RaidFramesPlus05-19-09
Posted By: Sunhead
I have only just installed RFP, and, The scaling of the Raid Frames seemd not to be working. And that is the main feature that I wanted it for.
File: Getting Things Healed05-18-09
Posted By: Sunhead
The packaging of the zip file is off. It has an extra level in the zip file.
File: Grid01-17-09
Re: Re: Grid tag
Posted By: Sunhead
Cool trog, that turns it off, but now it is indeed Locked. I like to be able to move my Grid around the screen sometimes, I have no problem grabbing it buy the border edge to do so. Would love to be able to Hide Handle. Originally posted by trogdorhunter If you're referring to the same tag I'm thinking of, try this: "/...
File: Grid01-16-09
Grid tag
Posted By: Sunhead
I LOVE GRID! :banana::banana::banana: Thank-you so much for making my healing life more awsome, but, I dont like the new Grid tag on the frames. Is there a way to turn it off. I have poked around in the options, but I cant find anything obvious.
File: Simple Buff Bars01-07-09
Originally posted by Shadowed Sun...
Posted By: Sunhead
Originally posted by Shadowed Sunhead: Do you have any auto filtering on, or do you have passive buffs hidden? I haven't noticed any issues, and if other auras like Devotion Aura and such show, theres no reason Death Knight's wouldn't. No Filtering at all in my setup. I get a permanent Frost Aura buff regardless of if I have F...
File: Simple Buff Bars01-06-09
Deathknight Aura's
Posted By: Sunhead
SBB does not seem to read Deathknight Aura's properly. Not sure if this is a know issue or not.
File: ScreenPlus11-16-08
Originally posted by Beezleboss N...
Posted By: Sunhead
Originally posted by Beezleboss No offense but, if your addon is screwing up you should really try to help him. Just because you've never heard about a bad interaction with another addon doesn't mean it wont happen, right? This is a great example on bad service. Umm,:confused: Settle Petal, This stuff is all done on a...