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File: nUI : InfoPanel [Archy]02-13-11
Originally posted by Xrystal That...
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Originally posted by Xrystal That error seems to be coming from Carbonite but I have friends that have had to turn off Archy because it isn't working with the new patch. Have you tried using Archy without my plugin to see if the error still occurs ? Yes...the same error happens, still centered on line 308
File: IceHUD02-13-11
Re: Re: Odd Combat Blocks
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Originally posted by Parnic And when you disable IceHUD they go away? I really need to see a screenshot :). Just upload it to imgur.com or something and give the link here. Hmm...interesting. I just did that and the frames didn't go away. Now I'm doubly confused! ::laugh:: For what it's worth, here's the screenshot for you:...
File: IceHUD02-12-11
Odd Combat Blocks
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Hail Parnic! First off, I'm loving IceHUD's configurability! (Hmm...did I just make up a new word...?) I'm not one of those players who needs tons and tons of numbers, labels, and other info displayed in my HUD, and most of the time, I find the thicker HUD bars distracting...but IceHUD's glow arcs ROCK!!! Simple, sleek, and the...
File: nUI : InfoPanel [Archy]02-12-11
Lua error
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Hey Xrystal! First off, great nUI plugin! Just started using it today and it seems really useful, but I keep getting the same Lua error over and over again; ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Message: ...ace\AddOns\Archy\Libs\LibArchaeology-0.1\library.lua:308: Usage:GetCurrencyInfo(currencyType) Time: 02/12/11 15:04:47 Count: 230 Stack: : in...