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File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)08-26-09
Dual spec support?
Posted By: kjkrum
Does this version support dual specs? My most desired feature in the vanilla TMW is to have icon groups enabled by spec. IMO, the description of this addon should include more info about how it differs from vanilla.
File: Power Alert05-18-09
I had a strange problem starting ar...
Posted By: kjkrum
I had a strange problem starting around game version 3.1. I haven't received any bug reports about it, so maybe it was just a freak thing. But just in case: PA stopped saving the settings for my characters, and kept reverting to 0 for all the option values. Fixing it was a matter of deleting the saved variables file and letting...
File: NeedToKnow05-18-09
Originally posted by Vekkth on my...
Posted By: kjkrum
Originally posted by Vekkth on my DK i keep seeing diseases not applied by me, no matter if option "only applied by you" turned on or off, on russian client. On my druid, I see HoTs applied by others, even though I also have "only applied by you" checked. Seems like a bug. Suggestion: My most-wanted feature would be to have...
File: NeedToKnow02-23-09
I modified my copy of NTK to add my...
Posted By: kjkrum
I modified my copy of NTK to add my mouseover target to the list of units it can track buffs and debuffs on. It was a simple matter of adding "mouseover" to the list of units, adding a name for it in the localization file, and registering for UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT, treating it like PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED. The only problem is that...
File: Grid02-23-09
In the config options, "padding" an...
Posted By: kjkrum
In the config options, "padding" and "spacing" each do what I would expect the other to do. Is there a guide to writing Grid plugins? I have a couple ideas...
File: Gatherer01-05-09
Originally posted by Braxxis How...
Posted By: kjkrum
Originally posted by Braxxis How do you disable the slidebar? Delete the slidebar folder, then remove lines 136-152 and 157 of GatherMiniIcon.lua (version 3.1.9). Edit: I also deleted the Swatter folder.
File: Gatherer01-04-09
Since the WowheadDB does not includ...
Posted By: kjkrum
Since the WowheadDB does not include Everfrost Chip nodes, I copied the data from Wowhead and added it to my own Gatherer database by hand. Thereby, I discovered that Gatherer is not tracking Everfrost nodes correctly. Neither the ones I added by hand, nor the ones it saved on its own when I looted them, show up when "Everfrost Chi...
File: Power Alert11-16-08
I'll take that into consideration.
Posted By: kjkrum
I'll take that into consideration.
File: Power Alert08-12-08
Hmmm... sorry.
Posted By: kjkrum
I write software for myself and share it with others if I think they would find it useful. Integrating LibSink would be far more work than I'm interested in doing.
File: RogueMetrics08-10-08
If you type /rm by itself and it do...
Posted By: kjkrum
If you type /rm by itself and it doesn't say ": No data for", then the addon is not installed correctly. Make sure it's in the correct folder and that it's enabled for the toon you're playing.
File: RogueMetrics04-24-08
Re: unable to work
Posted By: kjkrum
None of those are valid slash commands. The correct slash commands are all explained in README.txt.
File: RogueMetrics11-19-07
Re: Folder?
Posted By: kjkrum
Yes, I guess they should be. But it doesn't matter what it's named.