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File: Broker_Location11-25-10
heya excellent add on but it see...
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heya excellent add on but it seems to have stopped wrking with the latest patch. It is showing status and continent unknown and not recommending zones any more anyways thought i should let you know cheers for your work on this
File: NeedToKnow02-06-10
Re: Re: Arcane Blast
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Originally posted by Kitjan I don't have a mage to test with, but I might guess that you missed Arcane Blast is a debuff? Thanks for the reply...I havent checked yet since im not ingame but i will do as ssoon as i can. Thanks for the reply
File: NeedToKnow01-31-10
heya folks Anyone have any idea...
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heya folks Anyone have any idea how to get this working for mages Arcane Blast please? I have it working really well on all my other toons but not on my mage. Any help you could give would be most appreciated, because i am really loving this addon and dont want to have to use my old one as well for the sake of one buff/spell.
File: Elkano's BuffBars07-26-07
silly question but how can I move t...
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silly question but how can I move the buff bars themselves??? I cant find an option for this and htey are half hidden under Fubar Cheers in advance :confused: :confused: :confused: