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File: Clique09-26-07
Clique-ing action buttons isnt working
Posted By: blurr123
Ive always set up clique to use some action buttons that are macros. After the recent patch they have stopped working. let me explain.... the macros are /stopcasting mouseover casts such as: /stopcasting /cast Greater Heal(Rank 2) if I put the macro on my action bar and execute the keystroke, the fuctionality works fine...
File: MikScrollingBattleText06-22-07
Increasing font size
Posted By: blurr123
Is there any way I can make my sicky bigger than size 32 font? Also, the suppression system for triggers is a little confusing for me too, maybe if you put a few more examples in the readme it might be easier to see whats going on there for having the trigger display certain infrom from the line in the combat log.
File: MikScrollingBattleText04-17-07
Combat Message
Posted By: blurr123
**EDIT** Ohhhhhh I figured out what I was doing wrong....It's call case sensitive. so /msbt search Divine (not divine) works. hehe, hopefully that note helps someone else. **original* For some reason I cant get the combat message to proc. I try /msbt seach divine and cast spirit on myself and nothing pops up. I rememb...