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File: TomTom02-09-11
Lunar Festival
Posted By: karden
All Elder's (non inside instanced dungeons) - for Lunar Festival = { "33304650:Elder Silvervein", -- }, = { "53602450:Elder Dawnstrider", -- "70104540:Elder Rumblerock", -- }, = { "48505930:Elder Moonwarden", -- "68407000:Elder Windtotem", -- }, = { "60104990:Elder...
File: AzCastBar04-03-10
Apparently it is me that cannot cod...
Posted By: karden
Apparently it is me that cannot code in Lua :p It was suppose to be "and" instead of "or" in that dry coded code sample. thank for you reply, but anyway... with "or" or "and", it still doesn't work :(
File: AzCastBar04-02-10
I try to do some list for spells wh...
Posted By: karden
I try to do some list for spells which one I want to see. This code elseif (name ~= "spellname1") or (name ~= "spellname2") or (name ~= "spellname3") then doesn't work for me. I try with spellname and with spellId, but I'm not so good in lua. here is it: local function QueryAuras(timers,unit,auraType,showSelfAuras,showPetAuras...
File: oUF_Hank04-01-10
I found a little bug with combo poi...
Posted By: karden
I found a little bug with combo points. If I clear my target, CP won't show up if I target the same mob again.
File: NeedToKnow03-29-10
two berserk
Posted By: karden
Hi, can you add support for procs two berserk from both hands? - Two bars for each berserk procs. - One bar, when two berserk procs from both hands at once.
File: NugEnergy03-28-10
show bar
Posted By: karden
How I can see this bar when my energy is not maximum? Not only when I'm in a combat or in stealth.