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File: HealBot Continued03-24-09
HB Macro
Posted By: Cimmeron
Originally posted by Acirac /target hbtargetpet /cast Revivify I've been trying to set up a macro that sets focus and casts Focus Magic or Vigilance and when I saw this I thought it would work. /target hbtarget /focus /cast Focus Magic But all I get is a glowing mouse icon when I try and use it. Any suggestions?
File: HealBot Continued03-18-09
Healbot and Focus target
Posted By: Cimmeron
Healbot used to give the option to display focus target in the list. The option is no longer there and now it shows your focus target. Is there a way to turn the focus back off?
File: Recipe Book01-24-09
Hi, I've been having a problem with...
Posted By: Cimmeron
Hi, I've been having a problem with new recipes on vendors and was wondering if anyone else has this problem and can help me. The problem is when I buy a recipe it gets added to my bank list and recipe turns black on the vendor. Then I learn the recipe and get the message it's been removed from my banked list. But if I open the ve...
File: Group Calendar 401-21-09
We've had a few people that go back...
Posted By: Cimmeron
We've had a few people that go back and look at the event and it resets their date and time for when they sign up. I've always told them to use the "X" at the top to close the event instead of done but one of our raid leaders said he has been but it's still changing his time. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it...
File: Outfitter10-27-08
Having a problem
Posted By: Cimmeron
Hi, I've been having a problem where outfitter doesn't switch equipment and when this happens my hotkeys to equip different sets also doesn't work. When it's happening if I go into outfitter what ever item didn't switch like my fishing gear or riding crop the spots in the set have ? instead of check for the item that supposed...
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar06-15-08
Latency indicator
Posted By: Cimmeron
I found this option before but is there a way to move the red bar that indicates latency on the cast bar from the right to the left?
File: Recipe Radar04-05-08
Re: Freezing screen
Posted By: Cimmeron
Originally posted by Yelina Today and yesterday when I used a portal with a character, my screen freezes and I need to close the game with Alt F4. Today I tried my addons, with disabling etc. and I discovered it is Recipe Radar which causes it. Dunno if other ppl having the same problem, but I thought I mention it here. For now...