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File: IceHUD01-03-11
Focus CC Problem\Bug
Posted By: TripleEYE
When I enable Focus CC Bar (which is bt an awesome idea ^_^), It doesn't show. So I enable "Always show at 100% alpha"... and then it shows; But as soon as I Sheep my focus, all the target and player bars dissapear, and the only bar that remains up is the Focus CC bar :( have I missed something or is this a bug? When will it be f...
File: wMarker12-19-10
Posted By: TripleEYE
Still be able to use what? I didn't notice such an option :)
File: wMarker12-15-10
You can use it while in regular gro...
Posted By: TripleEYE
You can use it while in regular group??? AWESOME! Well then this rocks :) And yes please... add the other two features. You can also add a button to announce to the group which mark means what. For CC purposes and such. And if you DO make this option, I'd request that you be sure to add several profiles for the announcement tex...
File: wMarker12-12-10
Three suggestions. Begging you to add them ^^
Posted By: TripleEYE
Please please pretty please add the following options: Mareker Frame - Add the option to seperate the Marker Frame from the two "Clear Mark" & "Ready Check" buttons. Just make them a new group or something ^_^ Marker Frame - Hide while you have no target. Flare Frame - Hide while not in RAID group. P.S. Best addon for ma...
File: SnowfallKeyPress12-10-10
Awesome description! *thmbs up*
Posted By: TripleEYE
"If you want to do mass entry of modified and unmodified keys and mouse buttons, hit the "Clear All" button. Then hover over the "+ (Modifiers: All)" button and face-roll your way across keyboard and mouse buttons. You're done." Rolled my face laughing all over the keyboard! :D
File: teksLoot02-26-10
Resize opt please! :)
Posted By: TripleEYE
I am bumping the request to add an option to resize the panel to about 400% of it's original size. Can't see the damned thing at HD resolution (with UI scale at the MAX. And I'd hate to give up such a beautiful simplified addon like this one - especially since it shows u the number of people needing\greeding\etc.
File: GrimUI06-07-09
A cut-down version?
Posted By: TripleEYE
Hey I love the way it looks. I got here seeking for a working version of MazzleUI and this seems to be a great choice. But... I got a question for you... If I delete some of the addons included in the pack, and replace them with w/e addons I want in the game - will it work? All I really want are the Artwork, 3D models, and maybe...
File: IHML - I Have Macro Lol!06-06-09
ya me too
Posted By: TripleEYE
Quote: Originally posted by Ackis (especially since they sold out to gold sellers). WTB more info about this right here, lol. Second that emotion!
File: dMinimap 304-01-09
not about lua - but rather about misleading info
Posted By: TripleEYE
I had a feeling you're gonna say that. I DO in fact have experience with LUA & computer programming alike. And still, the location defaults given in the lua are not at all the place where my minimap used to be. And well - it's be nice to have a config-UI with the options on location-changing, and scaling. P.S. As a hunter myself...
File: dMinimap 304-01-09
You might consider a Config-UI...? plz...?
Posted By: TripleEYE
I really like the new look of this minimap BUT! Configuring this addon is a pain in the neck to be completely honest. EDIT: It's just the location config that bothers me. All the rest seems easy enough :o
File: Discord Custom Layout Extractors03-31-09
Wo0t THANK you!
Posted By: TripleEYE
Originally posted by Dreadlorde Here. You have just made my day! :D:D:D
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro07-28-08
I was sure Iposted this before... seems lke I was wrong :P
Posted By: TripleEYE
First off, let me announce that I LOVE BindPad! :banana: It's wonderfull. And with this Macro option it's now even more usefull than ever. I used to use this addon simply to bind a second keybind to whatever I want. But now it's much more than that. Now my macros have become my friends :p I would love to be able to pull the mac...
File: GnomeCruncher07-15-08
A small slash command/Keybind request
Posted By: TripleEYE
I would like this to be added as a slash command and/or keybind option: - The option to open/close the calculator itself. Like /gnomecruncher open to toggle it or something :) I don't mean show/hide.. I mean Open the field where you enter the digits and focus the keyboard in it so i can punch the numbers without using the mou...
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)06-01-08
About the events...
Posted By: TripleEYE
Umm.. I see that the ItemRack DOES still have the Events Tab... And the old version at http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/1482/ does support events. Yet I wouldn't want to give up the Queue options ^_^ Any chance of talking to that Author and combining the two versions? I mean - if the old version does work with events, then s...
File: Frosty - Mage Water Elemental Addon05-31-08
What I'd like to see added to this addon:
Posted By: TripleEYE
Here's what I'd like to see added to this addon, ordered by priority: 1) Re-size options (Including the ability to re-size the font). 2) The ability to move each bar by itself, and not just the whole package. Besides those two - this addon is wonderfull :)
File: CraftyGnome05-30-08
One small thing lacking though...
Posted By: TripleEYE
Ok so the Gui is AWSOME indeed :D it's the best, most compact, most clear GUI you could have thought of. Yet one BIG problem remains. It's probably a small one to solve, so I;'m hoping you can do it soon...? :p Or maybe iot's solved already and I just don't know the solution...? :o:rolleyes: ummm... I need one command (e.g. !t...
File: CraftyGnome05-30-08
Posted By: TripleEYE
Ok that one came to me by surprise. That sound like the BEST GUI idea EVER! Awsomeness be with ya`! :banana::D Downloading it as I'm writing this! :cool: Thx for the reply :P
File: Tracksw05-29-08
Umm... what say you?
Posted By: TripleEYE
I LOOOVE the idea :D But as so many other WoW gamers - I use Cartographer as my node-gathering addon. For many many reasons. Top of them reasons must be that there's no need for any other addon. And there's a defenant need for Cartographer. So... umm.. can you please (pretty please) make it compatible? :o:o:o SO MANY people woul...
File: CraftyGnome05-29-08
Well I got some requests plx...
Posted By: TripleEYE
Well, this idea of making the code smarter is awsome :cool: Tards FTW indeed :banana: But... I am holding my breath :( And I'm probably about to die quite soon :eek: `Coz without the filtering options - and some decent GUI - I simply can't go switcheroo from CraftList2. I agree... CraftList2 is a massive addon; But it is wort...
File: Xcalc05-26-08
Keybind problem
Posted By: TripleEYE
Well - I love it that I can use the Num Lock numbers to oparate the calc.. but it takes away my regular functions for that button. For example (and therea re many of those): Num5 is used to Follow a target in my WoW. When I oparate the addon - that function is erased. Isn't there any way to make the keybinds be used for the calc whe...
File: LightHeaded04-22-07
A few VERY IMPORTANT requests
Posted By: TripleEYE
Hey, First let me start by saying - Awsome addon!! Finally someone brought this all searching the net-notes IN-Game! :D :D :D Personaly, up until the moment I saw this addon, I didn't even know lwowHead; I use Thottbot, which is great if you ask me :rolleyes: I've installed lighthead & tomtom, and I very much love the i...