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@Daerien: If you want to complet...
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@Daerien: If you want to completely reset the settings for any addon, you will have to delete the file in your WTF folder. Go to .../World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/YOUR ACCOUNT NAME/Saved Variables and delete the files for Vital Watch.
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As a rogue who PVP's alot, I have f...
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As a rogue who PVP's alot, I have found that if I am in stealth when the Battleground ends, my weapons stay the way that they were in stealth (dagger in MH). The problem with this is that they never switch back (unless I manually do this).
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Originally posted by gungrave07 N...
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Originally posted by gungrave07 Need some urgent help here... I've downloaded the addon,unzipped everything to WoW>interface>addons,but NOTHING shows up in game. I type /venantes and the blizz message Type /help for more info pops up instead :( Go to your character screen and double check that you are loading it (even i...