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File: oUF_Darnation12-27-08
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If I comment out all the spin = true code the tot works fine. So the issue is with the updateHealth function.
File: oUF_Darnation11-08-08
HAHA, I configured Tarnation almost...
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HAHA, I configured Tarnation almost exactly like this yesterday
File: oUF_Tarnation11-07-08
Re: Re: Number of buffs
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Originally posted by Metzerott Fixed. I have set 2 variables at the top of the file (oUF_Tarnation.lua) maxDebuffs and maxBuffs. I have not been able to test it. I can't figure out how to generate that many buffs or debuff in a reasonable amount of time to respond to your request. I'm setting the .num in using oUF. If this does...
File: oUF_Tarnation11-06-08
Number of buffs
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Is there a way I could limit the number of buffs/debuffs shown on the target frame? Great work btw!
File: Ghost: Mount11-06-08
Error in 1.5
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Interface\AddOns\GhostMount\Core.lua:208: bad argument #2 to 'random' (interval is empty) Everything seems to be working, but I get this message when I dismount.
File: oUF_Tarnation11-05-08
The latest version of this file is...
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The latest version of this file is currently awaiting approval Been waiting hours... whats up with the approval?
File: oUF_Sweedy07-23-08
texture path
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local font, fontSize = "Interface\\AddOns\\oUF_Kosken\\media\\font.ttf", 11 -- size for missing hp and hp local backdrop = { bgFile = "Interface\\Tooltips\\UI-Tooltip-Background", tile = true, tileSize = 16, insets = {left = -1.5, right = -1.5, top = -1.5, bottom = -1.5}, } local statusbar = "Interface\\AddOns\\oUF_Kosken...