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File: Shadowed Unit Frames07-09-17
how to move
Posted By: darkstar73
how do you move your buffs debuffs from over the mini map in shadow unit frames
File: QuestClicks09-03-12
any chance
Posted By: darkstar73
any chance of an update or does someone know another addon like this
File: Parrot08-22-11
Posted By: darkstar73
anychance of a update when you click a refreshment table it gives the wrong value of the amount you have when you do frist click says 40 when you have 20 etc
File: AI-Art04-27-11
Posted By: darkstar73
is this still working????
File: OmniCC10-06-07
how do i set the fonts for all the...
Posted By: darkstar73
how do i set the fonts for all the cooldowns to the same size like 14
File: RatingBuster05-07-07
Posted By: darkstar73
whats the command for stats summery and options menu in those notes and that link doesnt work