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File: WoW Crap Cleaner04-30-10
Still in beta?
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It's safe to assume this program has been abandoned since it hasn't been updated in nearly a year and it is still in beta. Since it has severe issues, in my opinion, it may be a good idea to stay clear of it.
File: Leatrix Latency Fix02-01-10
Im on an expensive high end i7 syst...
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Im on an expensive high end i7 system. My pings went from ~150 down to less than 50. It works great.
File: TweakWoW08-27-09
Re: Violence setting ????
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Originally posted by izazel I have set my violence setting to every possible option. No blood. Is there anything special I need to be doing, or is this just broke? And if its broke... besides BloodyScreen, what other addons with a blood / gore option (if any) do you know of? It's really all I was looking for out of this addon...
File: LightHeaded11-08-07
A HUGE thanks
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Hey Clad i would like to extend my hand and thank you for you hard work on this mod, i find it very useful! You are doing an awesome job, keep up the good work. Thank you!!! Halt - Uther
File: LightHeaded11-06-07
what is BEQL? i ran a search on a f...
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what is BEQL? i ran a search on a few popular sites and came up with nothing.
File: LightHeaded11-05-07
Is this mod compatible with Extende...
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Is this mod compatible with Extended Quest log? I cant get LH to attach or even appear.
File: DamageMeters05-02-07
FuBar Support.
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Does this mod work with fubar?