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File: Clique04-26-08
Re: Re: Normal Right Click?
Posted By: Clardrian
Originally posted by Cladhaire Clique does absolutely nothing unless you've told it do. Literally, nothing. You'll need to be more specific about what you have configured. I had already set Clique to do the click casting I wanted it to do (with my Grid mod), but the problem I was having was that after I disabled Clique from a...
File: Clique04-25-08
Normal Right Click?
Posted By: Clardrian
I'm using ICEhud, and I disabled Clique on all it's frames, because I still want to be able to right click on my target to trade/invite/duel/whatever, but now when I right click on my target, I don't get that menu anymore. I know it's not a problem w/ ICEhud b/c I only got this problem since I installed Clique.
File: Bongos207-10-07
I would like to know if there are a...
Posted By: Clardrian
I would like to know if there are any options for the frame that shows CPU usage stats and addon memory usage in the tooltip other than what's there when you right-click it. Namely, I'm looking for a way to sort the addons in the tooltip by how much memory they're using, because I have so many addons installed, the list only shows li...
File: HealBot Continued06-18-07
Re: Healbot and Trinkets
Posted By: Clardrian
Originally posted by dhekelia I apologized in advance...but I can't find the answer. Can you use a trinket and Healing Wave in a single click? If yes, how would i set it up? BTW...Healbot is a great mod...keep up the good work. Thanks You can do this, though, not with healbot...make a macro with this: /use ...
File: OneBag305-24-07
Since the patch, I've been having a...
Posted By: Clardrian
Since the patch, I've been having an issue where all the items in my bag appear greyed out, and i can't click on any of them to use/move/trade/whatever them. I can still drag them around, look at my bags, or my keyring, change the options, and onebank is working perfectly...I just can't for the life of me figure out why the bags won'...