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File: LilSparky's Workshop08-15-09
Is it possable to intergrate LSW wi...
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Is it possable to intergrate LSW with WowEcon Data?
File: Auctionator08-15-09
Muliple Buy function
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Is there a way to search for multiples of an item similar to how AuctionLight's Buy tab works?
File: AuctionLite08-15-09
Originally posted by Xeno5 /push...
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Originally posted by Xeno5 /push That would be awesome. I hate using Auctioneer but there is simply no other addon out there that does exactly what "xythian" wrote. And i guess there are thousand users like us. You can set values in the stand alone enchantrix mod I use AuctionLite and Enchantrix but I do not use Auctioneer...
File: Livestock12-10-08
Re: Re: Re: Dalaran issue
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Originally posted by User4574 Hmm...well it would seem the issue was PEBKAC! lol Yeah... Apparently, WowMatrix doesn't like to auto update Livestock. = Thx for ur time tho! I sent an update to the wowmatrix site to include Livestock. For future reference if you click the contact us button and you tell them where to download an...
File: Clique03-27-08
Originally posted by Cladhaire Yo...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire You'll haev to download again or try something different. I can confirm that the file is just fine, unfortunately. I had a simmilar issue. If you use the Windows extractor, use a 3rd party extractor. This will solve the issue