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File: Train Wreck01-20-09
Thank You!!!
Posted By: Zeria
Oh thank god!!! I thought I was going to have to sell any gold I did make in the AH to cover bail costs after I found one of those little phuckers on my server that do it back to back to back. No more muting! Hallelujah! :) :) :) :banana:
File: Auto Buy Reagents12-06-08
Same Issue :(
Posted By: Zeria
I'm a level 80 shadow priest, and I'm experiencing the same bug as well. :( No reagent options showing up at all. Any ideas? US client here also.
File: DragEmAll10-23-08
Thank You!
Posted By: Zeria
Oh, thank god, YES! I've been searching for a mod exactly like this since the day WoW was released. I just want to hug you and buy you dinner!