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File: AfterCast10-25-10
I wanted a macro to either /s or /y...
Posted By: Caliga
I wanted a macro to either /s or /y something when i cast but not when i cancel the cast using the same button. #showtooltip Hellfire /y INFERNO! **1st press not second which cancels cast** /cast Hellfire /cancelaura Hellfire /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear() Someone on wow macro forum suggested this addon and it seems like it...
File: RealUI04-29-10
I stumbled on your ui which btw is...
Posted By: Caliga
I stumbled on your ui which btw is great work but the only part i really wanted was the minimap very clean the way you have it. is there anyway to center it and move it to the bottom? looking to replace simpleminimap in my ui http://i40.tinypic.com/2en58gk.jpg i looked at the offset but it does not let me move it enough. thanks...
File: OmniCC06-18-07
lost the 60min cooldown on my hearthstone
Posted By: Caliga
its not the only one but if anything is more than 60sec cooldown it dont show up anymore, what did i do and how do i undo it?
File: FuBar 3.6.505-24-07
Posted By: Caliga
i was looking at one of the addons for fubar, guildFu, and i was having trouble reading the info sometimes. i posted there and they suggested bringing it here. is there any way to make the transparency different for each addon? i normally like it to be very transparent but with a few i need it a little different to see clearly. not a...
File: Satrina Unit Frames 305-24-07
Posted By: Caliga
i use fubar and i looked at your frames and i like what i see, but my question is can i move them from their default location? as it is now they show up under my fubar and its hard to read them, maybe that is becuase i have two bars at the top and one at the bottom, but i just wondered if i was missing something. thanks.
File: FuBar - GuildFu05-08-07
feature request?
Posted By: Caliga
when i attatch to my bottom panel in fubar it would be nice to have a feature to change the transparency of the tooltips without changing my global transparency settings. its kinda hard to read sometimes. it may have the feature already but i couldnt find it, if it did i am sorry to bother you. nice mod by the way, finding more fubar...