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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)10-19-12
Thanks for Stuf... I recently switc...
Posted By: Aranda
Thanks for Stuf... I recently switched to it from X-Perl (which I really like but has has some buggy updates in mop). I have a suggestion and a question... 1) I think the Stuff config would be a little simpler if it were possible to create set of "named styles" (aka "main-left-justified", "main-right-justified", "mini")... and the...
File: bBuffBars02-18-11
method to move the buff bars?
Posted By: Aranda
I'm thrilled that someone is updating a buff bar with buff-names that can actually be right-clicked. However, on my screen it's running right into my actionbars and such. Is there any way to move the anchor? Any chance for an update that allows moving the anchor?