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File: Sunn - Viewport Art09-03-13
Where is 4th part of graphic?
Posted By: LizMarr
I can't get the 4th graphic to show up. First, when I enter a custom style, the slider to set the number of frames is inactive. Next, the style doesn't seem to be saved in the custom lua. So, I edit the custom lua and put the number of frames in the correct spot. The style is there when I start up, but it shows only 3 of the 4 frames...
File: RDX Full Edition03-25-13
Most themes are too wide for my mon...
Posted By: LizMarr
Most themes are too wide for my monitor, do you have any ideas if I can edit a file someplace to change it? Also, along the same lines, I can't find the window editor so I can move some overlapping elements caused by the screen width. Thanks.