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File: Parrot03-28-08
Re: Re: Re: Broken in 2.4
Posted By: gabbag
Originally posted by gothic ckknight mentioned here that an update is probably not going to be coming soon. Thanx for the link Gothic so i know Parrot is not completely dead.
File: Parrot03-27-08
Re: Broken in 2.4
Posted By: gabbag
Yeah I assume it's the new combat log that stops it from working. Hope it gets updated soon.
File: SCT - Damage03-27-08
Sum up Events?
Posted By: gabbag
Hi I'm curious if theres a way to sum up some events like parrot did. e.g. Sum aoe spell to show as *aoe xxxx dmg* 10 hits 3 crits If thats possible i would not switch back to parrot if it gets updated :)