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File: PerfectRaid12-03-10
Mad props for having the patience f...
Posted By: uebermann
Mad props for having the patience for keeping up with your mods all this time. I was gone for over 2.5 years and figured all the mods I used to use were dead. Very happy that Clique and Praid are still alive and kickin! Is there a way to identify any bleed effects on a person like it does for disease/poison/curse? I wasn't sure...
File: LightHeaded05-21-07
thanks for the mods
Posted By: uebermann
Just wanted to say thanks for all the work, Clad. I have been a long time user of Watchdog/Clique and really like the TomTom and Lightheaded addons. I got a lot of people hooked on all 3 now =)