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File: Satrina Buff Frames 303-24-09
I've looked here and on Curse, but...
Posted By: Yhor
I've looked here and on Curse, but I can't find your paypal (or any donate button) anywhere. Even checked evilempire (I think, beta site). Amidoingitwrong? Sorry to put in comments, but it seemed the best place to ask at 3 o'clock in the morn;).
File: zChat03-16-09
Only thing missing would be item li...
Posted By: Yhor
Only thing missing would be item link on hover, otherwise I'd totally make the switch. I do understand that the intent for this was to minimize code for efficiency, so pay my opinions no attention. :) Nice though, very nice.
File: nUI03-07-09
Congratulations on nUI's upgrade to...
Posted By: Yhor
Congratulations on nUI's upgrade to Featured Project status. Well deserved and well done! :)
File: QuietCopter12-30-08
Posted By: Yhor
Thanks for helping my sanity. I get 'disturbed' from auditory overload.:D
File: ItemRack12-26-08
Posted By: Yhor
Where is your danged Paypal link. I think I missed you last year too :(
File: IHML - I Have Macro Lol!11-23-08
Any hopes of an update for Wrath qu...
Posted By: Yhor
Any hopes of an update for Wrath quests? I loved this mod.
File: Geist10-19-08
Blizzard defines 130 action buttons...
Posted By: Yhor
Blizzard defines 130 action buttons, of which 120 are available for use to players. For the default action bards, and most bar addons, each used button is one less available for other uses. Geist's default button setup attempts to use buttons that are not normally used by the default WoW UI, based on your class. If you use another ba...
File: Geist10-18-08
Buttons are full
Posted By: Yhor
Any reason why my buttons are carried over from other bars? I really like the function of this bar mod for the "oh __--" factor, but I need a clean slate to work with. I posted a SS in the interface help forums (multiple questions unrelated to this mod). Thanks. Edit: Here's a link to SS in the help forums. http://www.wowinterf...
File: Group Calendar 410-11-08
They're likely using an auto update...
Posted By: Yhor
They're likely using an auto updater like Wowmatrix. I had a friend tell me to update because they auto updated to the newest version. Thanks for updating this for 3.0 and WotLk by the way, I use this mod exclusively for pugs and the guild calendar (built in) in xpac won't support out of guild events (or will it?).