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File: Elkano's BuffBars10-10-09
Elkano, I sent you a PM via WoWInt...
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Elkano, I sent you a PM via WoWInterface. I just wanted to make sure you noticed it :)
File: Bongos303-31-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Pet Bar Error
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Originally posted by Tuller Anyway, here's what I'm thinking of doing for stance configuration: Say you have a bar, and you want it to display something different in say, Shadowform. You'll do the following: * Create a new bar of the same size as the old bar. * Put your shadow form skills on that bar * Drag that bar onto the...
File: Bongos303-27-08
I have Bongos all setup on one char...
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I have Bongos all setup on one character and copied the profile to a warrior. When I try to add stances to action bar 1, it tries to use action bar 2 which is already setup for something else. When I setup stances on action bar 1 in a new profile, it takes over the next set of buttons and prevents them from being used by the next...
File: Bongos303-25-08
If I have all my action bars setup...
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If I have all my action bars setup and I try to add an action set, it tries to use the next action bar's buttons. So, if I try to add a stance to action bar 1, it uses the already setup action bar 2. I really like the control bongos 2 gave over which action bar it would use for each stance. Is there a way for me to do something...
File: Proximo03-06-08
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I'd find this useful in PvE situations rather than having to tab target through all of the mobs to find the one I want next. Is there an option to enable it outside arena or another mod that handles this already?