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File: AraQkh UI01-25-11
UI Looks nice, and am wanting to tr...
Posted By: Mooky
UI Looks nice, and am wanting to try it, But without your Charater folder aswell, the UI would have to be Hand built.
File: SuperClassic11-01-10
When using shadowdance, the its not...
Posted By: Mooky
When using shadowdance, the its not using the keycombos on the bars, eg 2 during shadowstep is Cheapshot, but yet its using my prep macro. Nice work, always hated Blizz default UI, but you added alittle something that I was looking for.
File: DragonCore07-25-10
Np, thanks for your reply. Maybe yo...
Posted By: Mooky
Np, thanks for your reply. Maybe you could add that as a feature one day :P Gonna use this as from now, so if i come across any bugs, I'll let ya know.
File: wMmap07-17-10
Pretty sexy bit of work there, will...
Posted By: Mooky
Pretty sexy bit of work there, will have to give it a try xD one thing i liked about the old one i used (chinchilla) is you can change the tracking dots, you think you'll ever have a simular feature?
File: DragonCore07-16-10
I like the look of this, but before...
Posted By: Mooky
I like the look of this, but before i rip my UI apart to add this, Does is support a new bar for Feral Druid Prowl (IE when i enter prowl, I don't want the cat bar up i want it paged to a 'prowl' bar.)
File: mLootRoll07-11-10
Nice, some sexy lootframes, Loving...
Posted By: Mooky
Nice, some sexy lootframes, Loving the look.
File: Athene's Upgrade Estimator12-16-09
Check curse for a more updated vers...
Posted By: Mooky
Check curse for a more updated version, Currently 3.5 However its still buggy.
File: Jasje Btex texture07-22-09
Tryed this, and added the -1.tga fo...
Posted By: Mooky
Tryed this, and added the -1.tga format so its name-1.tga But on importing it on btex i just get a white wall, tryed changing the transparency and sizes just incase but still not working. ::Just a side note but you really shouldn't upload stuff unless you've tested it first:: ::edit:: Ok taken the lib to find out whats wr...
File: PG UI v1.907-06-09
Originally posted by pgui What pr...
Posted By: Mooky
Originally posted by pgui What problems are you having loading the profiles ?? No one reported problems loading profiles. And to build this UI in 1024x768 is a bit hard for me since i donīt have much time to re work, but maybe you can see a 1024x768 version in the future! :) Currently downloading, and thats the same Screen re...
File: FuBar - RecZone06-08-09
Posted By: Mooky
Am personally updating this addon for myself, as alot of info is missing (Mainly WotLK ) If the author allows I will release my patched up version as a ' Fan Update'. There will be know ETA on when I finish this as its only for personal use and to learn abit about how to make addons. :EDIT: Am gonna update this myself, but there...
File: Lyran's Daily Quest Guide05-29-09
Posted By: Mooky
Been waiting for something like this, i've never had enuff time to try and learn abit of LUA to try make one. Quick question thou. Is it multifaction or horde / allaince ? maybe update Addon info/ title to include?
File: DaedhirUI05-19-09
Looks good.
Posted By: Mooky
This looks nice, Althou maybe not enuff bars to cope with hunters mess of buttons. However gonna give this a try but due to using a laptop to play, am gonna see if i can port it to 1024x768.
File: Professional05-19-09
I haven't personally tried this add...
Posted By: Mooky
I haven't personally tried this addon yet. But the concept seems sound and am suprised its taken so long for someone to create an ingame prof guide, So major `thumbs up` for the concept :) I will get round to trying this when i start leveling my alts up. Looking forward to try the engi guide as this is a proff am looking forward...
File: Metamap WKB Database05-18-09
You need more info on your 'page'
Posted By: Mooky
Nice little collection, am suprised that there are so few uploaded. But you need to add more detail to your addon page. *Data contains ..... *Data is for 'Faction' (Looking at the screenshot am guessing allaince, but not everyone maybe able to tell that) Just general stuff like that. But yea looks good :)
File: Ultimate Warcraft Battlecry Generator05-18-09
Originally posted by Jeania I lik...
Posted By: Mooky
Originally posted by Jeania I like the button idea :P But I was wondering if it'd be possible to add our own custom battlecries to the presets? That'd be really awesome :D You can if you edit the BattleCryGen.LUA The author has been kind enuff so leave it relativly simple in the way he's coded this, I've just had a quick...
File: Dailies Quest Tracker03-25-09
Posted By: Mooky
Hows the horde side coming ? Is the reason am not seeing anything except the addon's 'options' (No dailies, tracker window ect. only minimap button) Because am horde? (Using this with Cartographer, also tryed tomtom) Also: ** UPDATE Version 3.1.3 2/11/9** 1. Added a Keybind to Hide/Show the Dailies Quest Watcher....
File: BattleCry Updated beta version02-17-09
nice. Any eta on when its gonna be...
Posted By: Mooky
nice. Any eta on when its gonna be fully working. Can add spells ect.. ok but when you goto view, you can change the pages to view/edit ones you've already made.
File: Quick Auctions 302-11-09
am liking the sound of this mod, on...
Posted By: Mooky
am liking the sound of this mod, once i sort out my new package am going to look at trying this one out. looks simple but very effective.
File: Gladius12-06-08
These are very nice, i'd actully li...
Posted By: Mooky
These are very nice, i'd actully like a Unitframes version for general stuff not just as bg bars. Am getting bored of perl pitbull and the likes, bout time something fresh hit the seen and from the looks off the SS these could be it.