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File: OneBag311-05-07
Re: Re: OneBag tooltips
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Hey i got a problem with Onebag. I dont see the tooltips of Onebag. in my bank i see only 1 line with the tooltips. Its bugger me that i cant see what item is etc. I have to copie pas it in chat evrytime. I'm using Rosoaa UI but nobody has problem with it. Can you help me out? thnx alot :D :D :D EDIT: i found the problem. Oneb...
File: Rosoaa's UI05-28-07
i have a problem, if i download Ros...
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i have a problem, if i download Rosoaa's UI v1.5 1024x768 Layout 2.zip i get old addons in the file, like Bongos instead of Bongos2 and Mobhealth is still in it. pls fix this, ty
File: Rosoaa's UI05-24-07
Posted By: DruidNeedHelp
Hey first of all damn nice Interface, it rocks, but i got a problem, where is the stance bar of the druids? i cant find it anywhere, i'm a noob in things like this so i hope you can help me with this problem :)