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File: NameplateRange07-30-16
Thx! Do you know how to make it tha...
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Thx! Do you know how to make it that targets outside your range do not get a nameplate as well?
File: Details! Damage Meter 8.0 / 7.3.505-03-15
Hi, what settings to i change to...
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Hi, what settings to i change to stop it resetting the data all the time in ashran? id rather just have a constant running total. thanks
File: Combuctor12-26-14
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any way to get the items ilvl to display on the items in the bags? like a little overlay.
File: KuiNameplates06-15-14
Is it possible to have enemy namepl...
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Is it possible to have enemy nameplates always be shown even at 100% but have friends nameplates only be shown at a set %?
File: RangeDisplay06-01-13
no options
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Hi, Seem to have lost my options for range display - options is loaded and it appears ingame addon list but then no options on right when selecting it. I remember having this a few years ago with another addon and it was blamed on different embedded versions of acegui being loaded from another addon. That was fixed by chang...
File: Spellsteal Party Links10-10-11
Hi, Hope you dont mind - changed...
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Hi, Hope you dont mind - changed the output to MSBT since i couldnt get that addon to work with spellsteal! line 52 - replace with whole line with MikSBT.DisplayMessage("You"..ssplsaymsg, MikSBT.DISPLAYTYPE_NOTIFICATION, true, 255, 128, 255);
File: StealthWatch12-27-10
Originally posted by Waky Please...
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Originally posted by Waky Please be sure to suggest new features that I could add later on! possible to make it only display enemy players stealthing?
File: TellMeWhen12-27-10
dont know if this is possible but i...
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dont know if this is possible but im trying to get an alert for when ive been ambushed. at low level pvp a single ambush takes a good 50-60% hp off and i need to react quickly. it would be great if an icon could show up for parsing the combat log for amush? its not a debuff so im not sure how to do it atm if its possible. thanks
File: FreebTip12-11-10
Is it possible to remote the realm...
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Is it possible to remote the realm part? Trying to get it condensed in pvp - Would also be great to edit the talents bit too so it was not quite as big (i.e Feral Combat could just be cat etc) but id settle for removing realm names :p
File: Power Auras Classic09-24-09
Does the health activation option n...
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Does the health activation option not work? What i want is a particular texture to appear when I'm at 90% or less HP. Set the HP to 90% and tried invert, logical options, set party or self etc - nothing seemed to trigger the HP texture display. Anyone help? ---- ops - worked it out myself - was testing health jumping off thing...
File: lazy battlefield08-18-09
I know you can disable auto release...
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I know you can disable auto release on death but i'd make that the default tbh rather than it being on. Drove me absolutely mad initially until I disabled it.
File: MikScrollingBattleText12-27-08
Can anyone help with dk triggers?...
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Can anyone help with dk triggers? I'm trying to check if both these diseases are applied on my target : blood plauge frost fever and then when obliterate skill becomes available flash a message saying obliterate now? I've tried a few triggers but none of them seem to work - im not sure what a disease gets called real...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames06-04-07
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I was going to post about a problem I was having specifically with my felguard - would get 1 second pauses every 5 or so seconds. Was the same if i equipped a firestone. Without a pet it would usually be fine. I tried out perl classic frames but with my felguard out it still did 1 sec pauses but about every 7 seconds so was only s...
File: OmniCC05-24-07
ops nevermind seen the reply about...
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ops nevermind seen the reply about deleting !OmniCC :o