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File: shNameplates03-22-12
Causing Lag
Posted By: zero_fenix
I love shNameplates but I've noticed that with more than a couple visible it starts to lag my system. This gets especially bad on heroic Spine when there are 50+ bloods out. I haven't been able to figure out how to reduce this other than by going back to the default nameplates :/
File: Remembrance01-03-08
I personally use proximo because it...
Posted By: zero_fenix
I personally use proximo because it works well with my partners and it's what I've been using for the longest time, is there any way you could integrate rememberance to do the samething it does with your arena frame, to proximo?
File: mumble05-24-07
I'd prefer but you could probably...
Posted By: zero_fenix
I'd prefer but you could probably make it under an if statement var player var level var position if(position = 0) { write("") } else { write("") } also I'd like to add that I started using this over phanx because the new patch has broke phanx and if you add that levels thing I would definetly still use it but theres...