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File: SquawkAndAwe01-04-09
Feature req..
Posted By: Morax
I switch spec's between balance and resto. Is there any chance you might add an optional cooldown indicator for swiftmend and natures swiftness? Thanks
File: Arena Historian05-11-08
Just played a 2v2 skirmish (i was s...
Posted By: Morax
Just played a 2v2 skirmish (i was solo and queue'd it).. I got this upon exiting.. --------------- Date: 2008-05-11 01:42:27 ID: 51 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\ArenaHistorian\ArenaHistorian.lua line 297: attempt to index field 'scanFrame' (a nil value) Debug: (tail call): ? ArenaHistorian\...
File: AlphaMap05-11-08
lag when grouped?
Posted By: Morax
I just started playing with alphamap. I got questhelper to go along with it. When I would group with some guildmates and open the map my framerate would drop to 2-3fps. When I would ungroup it would work fine. Any thoughts?
File: Arena Identify05-08-08
tried it out.. pretty cool.. wo...
Posted By: Morax
tried it out.. pretty cool.. would it be hard to make it assist all the enemies as it finds them since more than once i have added someone to arena frame by targeting those players that I have found (since they happened to still have one of their teammates targeted)..
File: Arena Identify04-17-08
Not quite sure I understand what th...
Posted By: Morax
Not quite sure I understand what this does (and I havent tried it yet..).. I know that with some of the arena frame mods you simply mouse over the enemys and they are added to the frame.. Is this to add that functionality to SSArenaFrames? Or does this add a feature that will check the target of each of the known units to see i...
File: Bongos303-25-08
paging and PVP..
Posted By: Morax
Is it possible to have bars page when my character is +pvp ? Then when I go into the BG's I dont have to swap bars around or anything..
File: Bongos202-13-08
paging when pvp flagged?
Posted By: Morax
Is it possible to make it where a bar pages when I am pvp flagged? Then i can put my pvp macros on one bar and pve macros on another and have them swap. Then I wont have to worry about manually swapping the items that i want to bind to the same key.
File: Outfitter02-03-08
bug in riding script..
Posted By: Morax
If you turn on the option "Disable while PVP flagged" it will fail..
File: SSPVP301-02-08
pvp objectives anchor..
Posted By: Morax
it is stuck at the top of my screen.. even if i lock / unlock objectives it is still there.. and when locked i can still move them.. downloaded latest version today just before i started playing..
File: CattleProd11-13-07
Originally posted by cattleprod I'...
Posted By: Morax
Originally posted by cattleprod I've been spending the last week in AB trying to tune the AFKer detection there. Usually there isn't a whole lot of AFKers, but in the morning they seem to come out of the woodwork. I think I have a pretty good system now though. I noticed the AB code was a little bit off (being that it was AB w...
File: CattleProd11-11-07
been using cattleprod last couple o...
Posted By: Morax
been using cattleprod last couple of days.. really pretty cool mod.. couple suggestions.. first idea.. if it could track entrance time for each player.. worst case is 40 different times in AV.. then it could not report someone that has entered late.. at least until they have had a few minutes to do things.. second idea.. if it wo...
File: Honest11-07-07
not counting wins?
Posted By: Morax
I installed yesterday and every BG it records (no matter if i win or lose) always is recorded as a loss.. sounds like you have a new version about to come out.. any update on the eta?
File: Bongos209-25-07
bug in 1.8.1
Posted By: Morax
Ok I updated bongos after I patched.. Since many of my mods are not yet updated I cleaned out most of my saved variables.. I noticed that the buttons seemed bigger so I adjusted (in blizzard menu) my UI scale.. i put my bars and stuff back where I like them.. so far so good.. I go to resize the exp bar (it is not the size I li...
File: SSPVP309-25-07
r199 file issue
Posted By: Morax
three things.. the r199 zip file contains the files that are usually in the SSPVP directory (but does not have the SSPVP directory) there is a file called "extras" and a directory called "extras" there is a file called "battlegrounds" and a directory called "battlegrounds" hope i extracted it right.. login servers borke...
File: SSPVP309-24-07
Soulstone auto release bug fix..
Posted By: Morax
Ok so I am a warlock.. occasionally I may want to SS myself (in AV probably) to try and gain some advantage.. Currently if I am SS'd and I die it will instantly rez me where i died (regardless of the fact that I have UNCHECKED the "Auto release even with a soulstone active" option). Anyway.. The way I fixed it was open up ressurec...
File: SmartBuff07-25-07
Posted By: Morax
really liking the mod so far.. picked it up yesterday.. I am a warlock and I cant figure out how to get it to support soulstone and healthstones(least on self)? or if it already does this perhaps let me know how.. Is there any chance I can make it tell me if I am missing a buff.. like i am missing my fort or AI ?
File: SSPVP306-12-07
Posted By: Morax
gettin this (with latest ver) interface\addon\sspvp\battlegrounds\arena.lua:224 attempt to call field ssvaluechanged (a nil value)
File: Honest06-03-07
I got an error similar to thortok's...
Posted By: Morax
I got an error similar to thortok's error little while ago (world pvp trying to take over towers in terrokar). Sorry I didnt record it as I just clicked ok to get past it. Happened upon kill of enemies..
File: SSPVP305-31-07
Originally posted by Shadowd Eh?...
Posted By: Morax
Originally posted by Shadowd Eh? What error, you never posted anything except a request. sorry.. error is: SSPVP.lua:380: attempt to call global 'BattlefieldMinimap_Update' (a nil value)
File: Bongos205-31-07
Posted By: Morax
I am getting an error when I start wow.. Interface\Addons\Bongos2\bar.lua:56: BBar "key" is already in use.. Any ideas how to fix it? thanks
File: SSPVP305-31-07
Originally posted by Shadowd Mora...
Posted By: Morax
Originally posted by Shadowd Morax: I don't have plans on intergrading those kinds of map thinges unless they become requested more. Did some testing.. It is due to the "open minimap when entering BG' option.. I turn it off in sspvp and then I dont get any errors..
File: Demonomicon05-28-07
neat mod could it be movable? w...
Posted By: Morax
neat mod could it be movable? what about right click to fel domination summon?
File: SSPVP305-28-07
battlefield commander
Posted By: Morax
I recently discovered sspvp (and really like it). i get errors when i use battlefield commander (really wonderful mod for BG's) but since battlefield commander doesnt seem to be maintained I was wondering what the chance of some of the map functionality being ported to sspvp? more specifically the ability of it to highlight the perso...