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File: tomQuest208-10-09
I was so glad to have found an alte...
Posted By: Eldalie
I was so glad to have found an alternative to questfu which is not working anymore since 3.2 but for some reason this Mod isn't working for me at all. It doesn't show my list of quests on mouse over, it doesn't track my quests, it does nothing exept causing a great deal of error-messages. :( I tried disabeling all functions of t...
File: Altoholic06-24-09
automatic update for sharing function
Posted By: Eldalie
hi, i tried to check in the comments if anyone has requested this feature before, but i couldn't find anything. a guildmate and me are using altoholic happily and especially like the sharing function, but we're frequently annoyed by having to re-share our databases manually to be up to date. is there a function to automatically u...