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File: Bubbler01-14-08
2 errors when casting PW:S: : Bu...
Posted By: AzWWarraven
2 errors when casting PW:S: : Bubbler\Bubbler.lua:730: BubblerOutputWindow:SetPoint(): Couldn't find region named '(null)' Bubbler\Bubbler.lua:730: in function `SetupOutputWindow' Bubbler\Bubbler.lua:563: in function `UpdateShield' Bubbler\Bubbler.lua:206: in function and : Bub...
File: SilverDragon12-07-07
SilverDragon Error
Posted By: AzWWarraven
I've been getting an error from the mod for a while...not really sure how long: : SilverDragon-2.0.56580\Core.lua:394: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) I do updates via WoWAce Updater weekly, and nothing has yet fixed this. Suggestions?
File: Cartographer05-28-07
Herbalism/Mining tracking
Posted By: AzWWarraven
I've got the options turned on for both Herbalism and Tracking to have herbs/mines marked on my map/minimap, but neither works...it doesn't mark anything on my map like it did prior to updating to the current revision. Anyone have any ideas?