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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)12-19-09
Re: Target health bar different color when tagged
Posted By: iliadawry
Originally posted by Gnubblez Hey there, I was just wondering. Is there a feature in StUF that allows you to set the color of the health bar of the target to a different color when the target is tagged by someone else or outside of the party/group? I started using StUF because Pitbull 3 wasn't updated quick enough for 3.3 fo...
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills11-13-09
Two similar skills?
Posted By: iliadawry
Hi, Great addon. I have one tiny problem though -- I have two alchemists, and it will only display one (for example) transmute as ready. Is there any way to separate the transmutes for the two characters? Thanks!
File: FuBar - FriendsFu09-27-07
Shiny new error!
Posted By: iliadawry
I hope you update this for 2.2 -- it's one of my favorite FuBar mods. I am getting the following error since the patch: ...ons\FuBar_FriendsFu\libs\Tourist-2.0\Tourist-2.0.lua:2165: Babble-Zone-2.2: Translation "The Battle for Mount Hyjal" does not exist. That was a lot of alt-tabbing.