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File: HighRoller04-01-08
Man, I'm in heroic mech and a Blink...
Posted By: Truant
Man, I'm in heroic mech and a Blinkstrike drops. Leader says ''all Need'' then the 4 asshats start popping 99's and 100's, I don't have the mod so I roll my usual 1-10 and lose. You're pretty disadvantaged if you don't use this until the rolling algorithm is fixed!
File: Fairy Tale Style using XArt06-04-07
One thing that's bugging me; everyt...
Posted By: Truant
One thing that's bugging me; everytime I use the wowupdater it loses the bar texture and I have to re-download this mod and fanny around replacing the tga's again. It even does it when I uncheck ag_uf from being updated. You know any way around this? Fantastic mod otherwise.