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File: ls: UI01-24-17
impatiently waiting :) so far eve...
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impatiently waiting :) so far everything you've talked about looks good Ill probably not use health and mana bc im not too big a fan of orbs but I really enjoy having a ui that fits in with wow but not as ugly as original ui
File: ls: UI01-23-17
99% final version :banana: can...
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99% final version :banana: cant wait looks amazing
File: ls: UI10-25-16
As for "bringing it more inline wit...
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As for "bringing it more inline with WoW theme", I don't really need to do so, cuz when I draw textures for my addons, I use WoW's colour, geometry, and material palette. I always thought and still think that blending w/ default UI elements is quite important. But there'll be a massive texture update in the future. The more I use...
File: ls: UI10-24-16
Damn... I rewrote so much of UI's c...
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Damn... I rewrote so much of UI's code atm, that I'll have to release it as v4 T_T Looking forward to the update. Are you doing somewhat of what Lyn and obble are doing as far as bringing it more inline with WoW theme although much nicer looking or staying with what you have going which is very nice as well..sort of reminds me of...
File: Birg's Druid UI10-02-16
kui nameplate error
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I get this error when I update KUI nameplates by hand excluding the Kui_nameplates/elements folder Any ideas? EDIT: I fixed the error so far by copying kui_nameplates_core\create\lua and hook.lua from your interface to the udpated version of Kui Message: Interface\AddOns\Kui_Nameplates_Core\create.lua:1111: attempt to index fiel...
File: Sin UI (ElvUI Edit)09-12-16
difference between full view and non
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What is the difference between 2.0 full view and just 2.0? Can you post an SS of both or maybe change screenshots on main page to have titles of both? Thank you for the ui it looks amazing. Also I have noticed I think a few scaling issues because I run 1920x1080 Elv ui is scaled automatically to .64 i might try playing around a...
File: LynUI08-31-16
What to do? http://i11.pixs.ru/sto...
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What to do? http://i11.pixs.ru/storage/1/4/8/panpng_8732703_23130148.png /rab reset
File: Vacant UI - Become a Better Player06-03-15
kg panels and prat messed up?
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I followed all your steps but it looks liek my kgpanel positioning and prat is messed up running 1920x1080 res. EDIT: Apparently I'm dumb and moving the chatbox I was able to line it up like yours. http://i.imgur.com/acw7rjk.jpg
File: Caith UI12-19-10
Originally posted by Caith I'm cu...
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Originally posted by Caith I'm currently adding gladius to my compilation .. testing it tomorrow in arena. But I dont know if its working correctly. Oh ... and afflicted3 is back again! <3 Awesome, I can't wait for the update looking forward to it very much
File: DeclutterQuestLevel07-27-08
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thanks, i prefer this and double quest log over all those annoying quest trackers that add a lot of random stuff