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No debuffs on target target frame
Posted By: Seigert
Sometimes I cannot see target target debuffs. It's aanoyng in raids, because it complicates task of tank switching and so on. For example, last night in ICC i could not see Rune of Blood debuffs on another tank on Deathbringer Surfang. I'm pretty sure that it only happens if i disable buffs on tot-frame, and leave only debuffs...
File: oUF_Nivaya09-28-10
Re: Re: Max value for incoming heals
Posted By: Seigert
Originally posted by Luzzifus My Cataclysm-ready version already does that (though I still have that cap at 150% or so, since as a healer, I definitely want to see how much overhealing there is, at least up to a certain value). I'll add an option to adjust it, I guess. :p Hey, now i want Cataclysm even more! Thanks!
File: oUF_Nivaya09-27-10
Max value for incoming heals
Posted By: Seigert
Hello there, Luzzifus. Firstly, you've created beautiful layout, thank you for it! I've got only one minor problem/improvement for it (and, actually any other layout/uf addon that visualizes incoming heals): In my setup player and target frames a pretty close to each other (less than a frame width between them). As a tank, i...