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File: Jaknife09-23-08
Re: Compass
Posted By: rdillman
Hi - Jaknife should be saving its settings for each of your characters. I've been using it for 3 years now without a problem in saving, and this is the first time anyone has reported trouble like this. So maybe something is messed up with your jaknife preferences file. In the saved setting folder for each of your characters there...
File: Buffer07-01-08
Not a full featured buff addon
Posted By: rdillman
I agree. Buffer isn't meant to be a full featured buffing addon. I wrote it because after settling on my unit frame and decursing addons, I found that I was missing information that I needed to buff effectively in some situations. So, each of the small windows has a use, and each window can be opened or closed independently as...
File: Grid05-04-08
status colors ... units
Posted By: rdillman
* Grid version (60898) downloaded from wowinterface.com 05/04/2008 * WoW version (2.4.1) * Problem: Status colors always show in the "unknown unit" color. No class colors show at all. I downloaded twice just to be sure. "Use class color" is checked in all the options boxes. When I change the color for "unknown unit" the colors...