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File: Skada (All in 1 Folder)05-01-11
me 2, in Raid massive lagspikes...
Posted By: gerraptor
me 2, in Raid massive lagspikes when gettin buffs and debuffs - think the combatlog-bug everyone knows atm. In US-forum the Dev`s say`s they workin on it. sry for school english - german one.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)11-20-10
Heyho, first - awesome work. Se...
Posted By: gerraptor
Heyho, first - awesome work. Second - after patch 4.0.3 some bugs in the Raidinterface, people who joining after me in the raid appearin with my name, after a "/rl" it`s fixed, but it seems there are some bugs. Sorry for the english, <<