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File: MyPosition10-29-10
This Addon
Posted By: Lieandra
A bit crazy. I didn't think you were still updating this addon. I've had it for a long time (years) and never get rid of it. I was getting by with just changing the .toc file to the latest version (ie. 20000 to 30000). But with this last patch: it broke beyond my comprehension of addons. I know that I looked for updates of this a...
File: cAutoConfirmLoot10-15-10
Posted By: Lieandra
Originally posted by Chimaine There is a very good addon out there that does most of the things I had planned for the next version of cACL. So, I don't want to barge into its territory :) Can you please provide a name of the addon you are talking about? Also, unless Blizzard changes the confirmation scripts / dialogue; would...
File: WildDPS (DPS/Healing/Threat meter)02-06-10
Working? ? ? Sort of.
Posted By: Lieandra
I have not gotten this to work as of yet. Anyone have it working? I get the frame and the slash commands. But no outputs of any sort. ??
File: WowEquip10-18-08
Two Different WowEquips??????
Posted By: Lieandra
I have an addon I am looking to update manually now that WowAceUpdater is dead. It's called: wowequip. Here's the thing: The addon I have is NOT a standalone. It's and "ADDON", placed in my ...worldofwarcraft/interface/addons folder. Any relation to this what so ever? I don't want to loose the in-game version.
File: ZoneDefense08-03-08
Ticket Posted in CurseForge.com
Posted By: Lieandra
I posted a ticket at curseforge.com Ticket