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File: oUF_Nivea12-21-10
hey Dawn, love the addon. Quick...
Posted By: reppgoa
hey Dawn, love the addon. Quick question. With OmF, how do I move the raid frames as a whole and not 25 individual unit frames? I hate that when I try to move them, I have to spend hours making them all perfectly lined up again, huge pita. Any better way to handle raid frames?
File: Lunar Unit Frames (Arena Edition)10-21-09
Love the addon, 1 main request: Wo...
Posted By: reppgoa
Love the addon, 1 main request: Would like the ability to class color the name of target. You can do this for the player frame but apparently not for the target, I would like to do this so that I could show player portraits rather than class icons and still know what class I'm targeting. Thanks a lot!
File: Lunar Unit Frames (Arena Edition)09-18-09
feature request
Posted By: reppgoa
How can I disable the cast bars that come with the addon? IF it is not possible atm, can you add an option in the modules section to disable all casting bars so that I can use quartz exclusively?
File: Gladius04-13-09
Outlining for focus
Posted By: reppgoa
Can you make an outline on the frame of the person you have focused please. Or any kind of indicator really. Thank you for this great add-on and for your contribution to the community =)
File: Scrolling Combat Text06-13-07
Devour Magic Custom Event
Posted By: reppgoa
ok, so I have figured the event out that is linked to Devour magic, "CHAT_MSG_SPELL_BREAK_AURA" I commented it in like the readme says to, but I am having trouble making the custom event work in game. This is the event that I wrote... = {name="Devour Magic!", type="debufftarget", search="Nheedrom's Devour Magic", r=0/256, g=0/...
File: Scrolling Combat Text06-12-07
Display buffs that are removed via Priest dispell and warlock devour magic
Posted By: reppgoa
Hi, first off great addon =). now, How do i get the buffs that I remove via priest dispel and warlock devour magic to be displayed via SCT? I have seen many purge versions for shamans, so I am fairly certain that it is possible. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.