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File: X-Perl UnitFrames02-18-09
Re: Anchor
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Originally posted by Floe I can't change my anchor on Party frames. It's automaticly on TOP and cant be change for any frame. Im using the latest version of 3.0.2 Downloaded from here. All i know is that it worked before the patch. Im not sure the Anchor is the option that makes the Party frames "Laying down" instead of standin...
File: Kollektiv Unit Frames12-15-08
overall sweet addon, some options f...
Posted By: oxygenownz
overall sweet addon, some options for debuff placement and maybe a cast bar would be awesome.
File: Cartographer05-16-08
Re: Having Same Problem Since Patch
Posted By: oxygenownz
alot of addons are "ace'd" at wowace.com, so go there and use their auto updater, you can just run the program once every day or so and keep most of your addons up to date, cartographer is for example ace'd. Originally posted by drakedane For last two days, getting major errors with cartographer. had to disable. also use ligh...
File: Afflicted304-26-08
Awesome addon.
Posted By: oxygenownz
Just wanted to say this addon is priceless, <3 you!!!!!
File: HotCandy11-26-07
i like it, altho you should add lif...
Posted By: oxygenownz
i like it, altho you should add lifebloom stacks so you can see how many stacks you have instead of just "lifebloom". Also you should have some sort of "focus" frame where you can set the focus on say a maintank and you can always see his lifebloom stacks on a seperate bar. Also if you swiftmend a rejuv or regrowth then it should ge...
File: Bartender311-25-07
nvm. great addon!
Posted By: oxygenownz
nvm. great addon!
File: FeignResistBell10-22-07
hi, i like the idea of the addon bu...
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hi, i like the idea of the addon but it isnt really working for me... i have all sounds disabled in wow but i would really like to see that big text come up on my screen. So is the actual text stanalone? or does it show in sct or something cause i must have missed it then... i never saw the feign resist text popup even when it resist...
File: JIM's Cooldown Pulse10-10-07
it would be really nice if you had...
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it would be really nice if you had a list of all the skills and maybe items so you can choose which ones you want to appear instead of just choosing the cooldown time. otherwise really nice addon!
File: eCastingBar07-15-07
please add auto shoot supoport
Posted By: oxygenownz
i would be so greatfull if you could have another bar that handles auto shoot cycles for hunters, and say you run around while the auto shoot bar is going down it stickys the bar at 0.0seconds untill you release the arrow and start a new cycle or if you change targets. There is no addon that works with 2.0+ that has this, and i would...
File: SCT - Damage07-09-07
Posted By: oxygenownz
every time i crit it says CRITICAL in the middle of the screen, i dunno how to fix it... been looking in settings cant find it :( not sticky crits :/