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File: OneBag306-27-07
OneBag error again
Posted By: 91Nissan240sx
I also cant click on items with it. I don't believe its a conflict with ace. I recently updated most of my addons except for ace and onebag. After update of fubar addons and inclusion of Omni cooldown the onebag stopped working.I disabled new addons and updates but it still didnt work. So i disabled onebag and enabled the others and...
File: SSPVP306-19-07
Bug for login
Posted By: 91Nissan240sx
Date: 2007-06-19 18:50:17 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\SSPVP\Dongle.lua line 266: A Dongle with the name 'SSPVP-Overlay' is already registered. Debug: : ? : error() SSPVP\Dongle.lua:266: New() SSPVP\Dongle.lua:290: NewModule() SSOverlay\SSOverlay.lua:1: in main chunk...
File: SSPVP306-17-07
A minor error
Posted By: 91Nissan240sx
At log in the error is Error: Attempt to call method 'SetPoint' (a nil value) File: Interface\Addons\SSOverlay\SSOverlay.lua Line: 36 Count: 1 The code on that line is SSOverlay:SetPoint( "TOPLEFT", "UIParent", "TOPLEFT", 200, -100 ); Fixes?
File: Soundtrack06-16-07
A few Bugs
Posted By: 91Nissan240sx
Their's a problem with playlist use. When i click on it to start the playlist it stops playing when i close the window as if it were a preview. Also it doesnt skip songs backwards. When i click on the button to go to the previous song it goes forward and sometimes the song doesnt play when skip songs. Also when i pause then play it s...