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File: Guild ReRank08-20-09
Same here - addon doesn't even show...
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Same here - addon doesn't even show up in addons list. Is it still working at all?? EDIT: OMG, just found it. zip contains GuildReRank folder which seems to be the right folder you copy into your WoW addons directory... Wrong... Look inside. There are another 2 folders insde: Chronos and GuildReRank which are actual addons. Quite...
File: Power Auras Classic06-22-09
Re: Spell Triggers
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Originally posted by tielc Hey, First, great mod, it's become a corner stone of my functional UI. I love all the hard work, and I know it can be hard to accomodate everyone. I've seen posts on Spell Triggers before, and I as a Shaman would love to have player triggered events as well. My specific example is when I drop a Ma...
File: Power Auras Classic06-21-09
Scan for spell
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I have recently read comments on curse as I have problem setting some auras. My problem is when I try to set up Action usable. I set up aura to show but whatever i do it doesn't trigger. So i turned debugging on and what i found.... I set up my Judgement od Light to show when it's not on CD. When i use it i fing powa checking but...
File: Spell Tome10-17-08
I use it for some time and I found...
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I use it for some time and I found it great. Would be nice if it could now work with patch 3.0.2 ;] as it dows not support Glyphs page. :)