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File: RangeDisplay07-10-15
Posted By: mitch0
Hey, The item you're using for the 5 yd check (Ruby Acorn) seems to be closer to 2 yd. Worgsaw (63427) and Darkmender's Tincture (52741) would be alternatives. Also here's a list with items for additional range checks which you're currently missing: 50 yd: Haunting Memento (116139) 70 yd: Eyesore Blaster (41265) 100 yd: Mali...
File: RangeDisplay03-15-15
Hey mitch0, coud you add an option...
Posted By: mitch0
Hey mitch0, coud you add an option to anchor the range numbers to other framenames? Woud be realy cool for my UI, woud make it work with any resolution :D Hello, I'll take a look at it, although I feel it's not worth the trouble, so unless it's super-easy to do, I'll probably skip it... (seems to be only useful for addon com...
File: Bazooka03-15-15
Re: LibSub tutorial?
Posted By: mitch0
Howdy. So I made a plugin for Bazooka that works well in all respects but one. I'd like it to default to showing the text field. Instead of needing to go into the addon and turn it on myself. I can't find documentation for this to save my life. Any guidance for what I'm looking for? Hello, There was a similar question o...
File: Bazooka09-26-14
Re: WOD version coming out?
Posted By: mitch0
Subject says it all Yes (it already works on beta with updated (standalone) Ace3 lib)
File: Bazooka09-25-14
Re: Vertical bar
Posted By: mitch0
Hey! is it possible to do a vertical bar with just icons or maybe a number under the icon? Would be amazing.. It's on my TODO list, but not many users seem to be interested in this feature and I haven't implemented it yet. Might do it sometime in the future though.
File: CooldownToGo09-18-14
Are you going to keep this going fo...
Posted By: mitch0
Are you going to keep this going for Warlords? Yes. It seems to be working on beta with updated Ace libs.
File: Bazooka03-25-14
Good news! While working on grad...
Posted By: mitch0
Good news! While working on gradient backgrounds, I could finally reproduce the overlapping text issue, too. Apparently some fonts are not fully initialized on first login early enough and some default font metrics are used instead of the correct values. I've added a hack to force a recalculation during the first render, and i...
File: Bazooka02-01-14
Yep, it's the fade out of combat ca...
Posted By: mitch0
Yep, it's the fade out of combat causing it! Please try the latest version. I hope I fixed this issue, but couldn't test myself. thanks, mitch
File: Bazooka01-29-14
Thanks for the feedback! I _th...
Posted By: mitch0
Thanks for the feedback! I _think_ I know what's happening now: if you have set the option to fade the bars out-of-combat, then after the pet battle they come back to life as "faded out", just not completely hidden as during the pet battle. Unfortunately the logic that re-enables plugin updates are only present in the "fadeIn()...
File: Bazooka01-27-14
Hi, Yes I have Bazooka set to h...
Posted By: mitch0
Hi, Yes I have Bazooka set to hide in Pet Battle. I've installed bugsack but there are no errors after a pet battle. Changing Bazooka not to hide in pet battles stops the problem from occurring but it's not ideal as it's covering the Pet UI Well, that definitely Shouldn't Happen (tm)... Does the bar become visible after t...
File: Bazooka01-24-14
Hi, what would cause Bazooka to sto...
Posted By: mitch0
Hi, what would cause Bazooka to stop updating the info displayed in the bar? One frustrating problem is the clock (can be Broker_uClock or Broker_MicroClock) stops updating, unless I mouse-over the Bazooka bar and then it updates. Edit: Just wanted to add this tends to happen a lot after a pet battle, if that helps. Hello,...
File: Bazooka01-08-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Please fix for 5.4?
Posted By: mitch0
Hello, I think this problem might be related to the font you use for the bar. Did you use the same font when testing with DockingStation? Can you try to reproduce the problem with Bazooka with a narrower font? cheers, mitch Sorry my again. I recreated the profil completely from the ground it got from 70kb to 14kb. But...
File: RangeDisplay11-30-13
Came back to wow after a somewhat l...
Posted By: mitch0
Came back to wow after a somewhat long pause, I remember this add-on had the option to show single numbers instead of ranges (as in 9 instead of 5-10), but I can't find it anymore. Did it get removed or anything? Hi, That option went away when I added free form range formating. Now you can set up any text display for the gi...
File: Bazooka09-27-13
Re: Issue moving plugins
Posted By: mitch0
Hello, Sorry for the late reply, I was kinda busy the last couple of days... Anyway, I think the best approach for you would be to create three distinct profiles (as in AceDB) and switch between them when the user clicks your arrows. Take a look at how LibDualSpec does it, for example. That way there'll be only one active bar...
File: Bazooka09-23-13
Re: Re: Re: Please fix for 5.4?
Posted By: mitch0
Hello, I cannot reproduce this issue, but I uploaded a new zip (v.2.2.6) with updated Ace libraries, maybe that fixes the problem for you. If not, you can try removing the SavedVariables for Bazooka, and re-configure your bar(s). cheers, mitch The problem appears sometimes after login and its gone when I reload UI. The S...
File: Bazooka09-20-13
Re: Please fix for 5.4?
Posted By: mitch0
Hello, It sounds like a plugin issue. Broker_Everything has caused various problems in the past... Could you try disabling that plugin, or at least move it to some other area to check if you still get this error? Thanks, mitch ps: how many plugins do you have in total? There's some limitation on saved variables size now,...
File: Broker_Currency07-11-13
Re: Re: Re: Icons
Posted By: mitch0
I am using Bazooka as my broker bar, and i have that on hide (only shows when i mouse-over). And i have noticed, that the icons from the tracked currencies are being shown whenever something new happens (selling stuff, buying stuff, earning/loosing currency etc.) This is really pissing me off since the icons are just "standing ri...
File: CooldownToGo06-22-13
thanks :) Really nice addon, ke...
Posted By: mitch0
thanks :) Really nice addon, keep up the great work. :)
File: RangeDisplay06-03-13
Re: no options
Posted By: mitch0
Please make sure you're running the latest release of RangeDisplay. Also check if you get your options panel back if you only load RangeDisplay (and no other addons). If the options panel is still gone when RangeDisplay is "alone", then please report it (preferably via a ticket on wowace). If RangeDisplay works OK when no other...
File: Bazooka10-25-12
Re: can't drag plugins
Posted By: mitch0
Any idea why I can't drag and drop buttons? and yes I do have them unlocked! There could be several issues: 1) Bazooka is locked (I know, you say it isn't, but just in case... Make sure the Bazooka icon is green, not orange) 2) You're in combat 3) You disabled mouse interaction for the plugin(s) you want to drag 4) some othe...
File: Bazooka10-25-12
Re: disabling new plugins
Posted By: mitch0
Hi, is there a way to make it so new addons that I install while using this addon do not automatically become enabled and show up on bar 1 as this can be a real pain especially since my UI is available for others to download and they ask me a lot about this issue. Thank you for the great addon! Hello, This feature is not avai...
File: RangeDisplay10-05-12
Re: Halo
Posted By: mitch0
Thanks for the nice addon. Woud it be possible to add the range to nameplats? Want to use this with Halo Hello, It's not possible to add the range to nameplates (at least not to all of them). You could use the mouseover range-display to quickly scan nearby units though. cheers, mitch
File: RangeDisplay09-13-12
Re: Noobish question... ensuring two installs are the same
Posted By: mitch0
I play WoW on two different machines. I spent some time Monday night carefully placing my rangedisplay display boxes on one machine. If I wanted to make sure that they were the same, I'm assuming I need to grab the RangeDisplay folder from that machine and put it on the other... but is there anything else I need to grab? I'm guessing...
File: Bazooka09-10-12
Re: un-checking adjust frames does nothing
Posted By: mitch0
un-checking adjust frames does nothing. The bars are still moving my UI around rather than being overlayed ontop of it. any ideas? Try /reload after switching off the adjust frames option. Also, try with only Bazooka enabled, to make sure it's not some other addon that moves the blizzard frames. cheers, mitch
File: RangeDisplay09-06-12
Re: *waves hi*
Posted By: mitch0
I'm going through all my addons now that my desktop is upgraded to the point of being able to pull down 5.0.4... does this need anything to work, other than 'load out of date addons' being checked? Loving it to pieces, *soooo* used to it so fast, and would really really like to keep using it... Thank you! Hello, You'll pro...