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File: Possessions for 4.212-05-11
Re: Re: It is desperate time for Possessions 4.3
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the mod no longer updates inventory, bank or gb. I dunno how to fix it.... perhaps some of the smart guys who fixed it before can do it again. I LOVE this mod :D might have to change GetTime() to just time() I'm not 100% sure on this... Well, I assume people would really want it to support void storage too. Like o...
File: Guild Professions10-02-11
Re: Re: KeepingTabs compatibility
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Originally posted by MagicSN If you still need this, I did a hand-modified version of Guild Professions where I changed the scaling to make it compatible with KeepingTabs. If you want it I could send it to you by email (contact me at [email protected]). Note: I am not the author of any of the two addons, it is just a per...
File: PhanxChat06-30-11
Originally posted by Garkin A sim...
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Originally posted by Garkin A simple fix - in Core.lua and Modules\ReplaceRealNames.lua replace strings ":replace(" with ":gsub(". Unfortunately, I still get errors with this. My chat actually works (in the sense that I can type and read), but the addon itself does not. Error: Date: 2011-06-30 18:43:14 ID: 16 Error occur...