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File: Broker_repair10-26-10
nevermind... Not getting the error...
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nevermind... Not getting the error anymore. Great mod. Really like it in conjunction with bazooka as opposed to Fubar.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-09-08
Originally posted by Veltor Go to...
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Originally posted by Veltor Go to the setting windows, Players tab, and check the "Show DK Runes" (or something alike) checkbox. Ah, well thank you!
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-07-08
Sorry to add to the trolls bitching...
Posted By: tyrian
Sorry to add to the trolls bitching about adding this, or fixing that or whatever. But I absolutely love these unit frames. But it doesn't show the DK Runes. It shows the runic power, but not the runes. Anyways, thank you very much. Keep up the great work.
File: Bartender411-09-08
Re: xp bar
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Originally posted by frender updated BT4 today and my XP bar wont work, tried everything. Very annoyed, it worked b4 the update. Seconding this. Just a small annoyance, bug a bug nonetheless.
File: Automaton10-29-08
Can't set Hearth
Posted By: tyrian
Love the mod. I have one problem though. When I'm at an innkeeper, automaton automatically goes to the buy/sell ui when I talk to one. It keeps me from being able to set a new area as a home. Was curious if this was a part of the auto sell or auto repair option, or if it was just a bug. Thanks!
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-14-07
Originally posted by Mikord Tyria...
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Originally posted by Mikord Tyrian: That is not a feature of MSBT. You'll probably have to start disabling other mods to see which one it is since you don't already know. It sounds like it might be a "boss" mod. Thank you very much. I could've sworn it was a MSBT feature. I don't have any boss mods, but I'll check everyth...
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-13-07
Posted By: tyrian
I seem to have turned on an aggro trigger. Everytime I gain aggro, it puts a big red AGGRO in the center of my screen. I can't figure out how to shut it off. I've looked to the options, and help section and stuff, but can't find the trigger. Do you know which one it is?