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File: DailyQuestViewer05-31-09
Originally posted by Xanatandor F...
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Originally posted by Xanatandor FYI: there is an ongoing development, however you must go to http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/daily-quest-viewer.aspx However, I would be like to see this great little helper updated here too :cool: Hi, I just uploaded a french working version on WowAce forums. Not complet...
File: EasySerum01-12-09
French Problem ?
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Hi, I just downloaded and installed this very promising tool. At the first sight, it's not working. At second sight, it's working partially. It recognises only the 'Icecrown Bottled Water'. I first thought to accent problems but some others non accent items are not recognised. I took many time to try to figure out. The reason...